RS35 VHF system
RS35 VHF system
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RS35 VHF system

Simrad RS 35 VHF med indbygget AIS modtager.
RS35 VHF/AIS Radio Key Features

Class D DSC Approved
Specifically designed for recreational craft with distress calling capabilities
Dual Channel AIS Receiver
AIS receiver which does not require the installation of a separate antenna
Ergonomic fist mic with built in speaker
Wireless Handset Option
No need to be tethered to your radio base, up to two portable HS35 handsets allow you to make and receive radio calls from anywhere on your vessel with a range of up to 100m. Intercom calls between handsets or radio base allow all crew to keep in touch.
Fully Waterproof
The RS35 is waterproof to JIS-7 Standard, making it an ideal marine radio for all vessels, including open boats and RIBs.
Position Poll, Track & Group Call
Whether cruising, racing, or fishing with other vessels, the RS35 allows you to monitor other vessels positions and provides fleet-wide broadcasting.
Dual/Tri Watch
Keep up to date on two or even three channels at the same time
Lat/Long Display
When integrated with a GPS antenna or a compatible chartplotter via a NMEA2000® network
Loud And Clear Audio including 22 Watt Hailer with listenback
Listen to clear communications and speak to the entire crew easily. 4W external speaker and 22W loud hailer/horn with listen back and automatic fog signal
NMEA 0183® and NMEA 2000 Compatible
For ultimate network integration
Advanced radio features including AIS plot...
Advanced radio features including AIS plot, waypoints, navigation and MOB features
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